July 22 - August 6, 2000

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From July 22 through August 6, Troop 202 went on a high adventure trek to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. We flew into Salt Lake City on July 16, rented cars and vans, and drove to the Tetons. We spent the next day at Coulter Bay preparing for the seven day backpacking trek. The third day we split up into two crews going in opposite directions and ending up where the other crew started.

The north to south crew consisted of six scouts and adults. It started with a boat ride at Jenny Lake and a hike up Cascade Canyon to the South Fork. From there they went over Hurricane Pass to Alaska Basin where they met the other crew on a layover day. The next day they went over Death Canyon Shelf to Marion Lake, then through Granite Canyon up to the tram which they took down to Teton Village.

The south to north crew consisted if twelve scouts and adults and started with a tram ride to the top from Teton Village. After a scenic side jaunt, they hiked to Granite Canyon to spend the night. From there they went through Marion Lake and on to Death Canyon Shelf. The following day they met the other crew at Alaska Basin for a layover day. They then hiked over Hurricane Pass down to the South Fork Cascade Canyon where they spent another layover day. The last day they hiked out to Jenny Lake.

The troop then spent a day and a half rafting down the Snake River. The highlight was having our dinner and beds prepared for us. We then went to Gros Ventre Camp, swam in the Gros Ventre River, and watched the sunset in the evening. Then it was on to Yellowstone for two days of sightseeing and then a drive back to Salt Lake to fly home.


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