July 16 - July 31, 2004

Jenny Lake to Teton Village Crew Trek Photos
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 Boat ride on Jenny Lake


 Hiking up to Inspiration Point


 Crew at Inspiration Point


 Begin hike up Cascade Canyon


 Cascade Canyon rock field


 Visitor at South Fork group camp


 Dishes before cleanup!


 Full Body Armor against mosquitoes


 Camp is down there (just to right of finger)


 Time to relax and play frisbee


 View from our dining fly window


 Waterfall hiking up to Hurricane Pass


 Pack break on the trail


 Traversing the snow fields


 Enjoying the view at Hurricane Pass


 Crew chief hard at work


 Taking a nap


 Crew posing at Hurricane Pass


 Battleship Mountain


 Playing cards in Alaska Basin


 Jumping rocks near lake in Alaska Basin


 Sudden hail storm


 Saying our goodbyes to the scoutmaster


 Leaving Alaska Basin


 Entering Death Canyon Shelf


 Subcrew at Death Canyon Shelf




 Death Canyon Shelf panorama


 Crew at Marion Lake


 About to descend into Granite Canyon


 Resting at Granite Canyon group camp


 Enjoying dinner


 First campsite for earlier crew of four years ago


 They went that way (side hike crew took four years ago)


 Crew at summit near tram


 Tram ride down back to civilization


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