July 16 - July 31, 2004

Teton Village to Jenny Lake Crew Trek Photos
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 Unloading Tram at Summit


 We went that way! (Four years ago)


 We are here.


 Crossing a Stream


 About to Ascend a Mountain


 Setting up Dining Fly


 Waking up in the Morning


 Relaxing at Camp


 Lying on the Trail


 Leaving Marion Lake


 Climbing Rocks on Death Canyon Shelf


 Playing Cards


 Tents on Death Canyon Shelf




 Sunset Vista from Death Canyon Shelf


 Sorting out Food


 Readying Pack


 Trail Snack


 Lunch at Alaska Basin


 Cooking Dinner


 Handing out Dinner


 Relaxing in Alaska Basin


 Modular Bed


 Filling up Water Jugs


 Friendly Discussion


 Half Eaten Tuna Anyone?


 Approaching Sunset Lake below Battleship Mountain


 Crossing Stream at Sunset Lake


 Crew at Hurricane Pass


 Hurricane Pass with Schoolroom Glacier in Foreground


 Descending into South Fork Cascade Canyon


 Setting up Dining Fly at North Fork Camp


 Local Moose in Cascade Canyon


 Inspiration Point


 Dumping Trash after Arriving Back in Civilization


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