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High Adventure, July 17-31, 2004

For High Adventure in the summer of 2004, Troop 202 went to Wyoming to tackle the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. In the first portion of the trip, we backpacked 33 miles around the Grand Tetons. Crew Scott started at the tram that took the crew all the way to one of the mountains highest points. The crew then hiked for seven days to reach Jenny Lake. Crew Auyeung started out at Jenny Lake and hiked for seven days to reach the tram. After we had finished the hiking, we cleaned up and headed for Yellowstone and Old Faithful. There we toured for a few days before heading back to Salt Lake city airport. All who went had a lot of fun and learned a lot about themselves and each other. - Mark B.



Oljato, July 3-10, 2004

On Saturday morning, July 03, the troop met in the Montclair teacher's parking lot. We divided up into cars and began the drive up to Camp Oljato, on Huntington Lake, east of Fresno. After arriving at the Huntington lake dock, we got onto a boat and motored across the lake to the camp. We dropped off our stuff at the campsite (Paiute) at around 2:00 PM and then took the swim test. From there we took a tour of the camp until just before dinner, when we attended the assembly and the flag ceremony. We had a wonderful dinner of ribs. After dinner there was a campfire, after which we went back to our campsite to 'finalize' the merit badge classes. During the week we attended these classes in in order to get merit badges, almost like we would at school(perish the thought). On Sunday, July 10, the troop awoke early (much too early) to pack up our stuff, clean up the campsite, and head down to the boat dock to catch the 8:30 boat across the lake to the cars. - JT S.



Brownsea JTL, June 20-26, 2004

On Saturday morning, June 20, five boys from Troop 202 (Scott M., Colin H., Robert A., Eric B., and JT S.) got on a bus and went to Brownsea Junior Ledership Training. Brownsea was held up north in Wente Campground near Willits. At Brownsea the boys were kept very busy, learning leadership skills, and relearning all we had forgotten from Tenderfoot on..about orientation with a compass, backpacking techniques, first aid, etc.. After one week of training five very different, and very dirty boys came home, all claiming to have quite an unique experience. We have been requested by Brownsea staff not to tell anything that happened during the course, as it would ruin the experience for future scouts going into Brownsea. - JT S.



District Camporee, May 21-23, 2004

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Big Basin Backpacking, April 15-17, 2004

Everyone started off the day in pretty good spirits on the drive up to Sky Camp, and it stayed the same throughout the day. When we got to camp, we ate our lunches, split up the camp into two crews, set up camp and tents, and then started to cook dinner at about 5:00. While dinner was cooking, Mr. Kelley went through some of the packs to make sure everything was packed well. We then ate dinner, which was mashed potatoes, ground beef, tomatoes and mushrooms all mixed up into a pretty tasty meal. Then most of the troop played cards before dessert (cheese sticks) and bed. The next day we woke up at about seven. The cooks went to start the water for breakfast while the rest of us took down the tents. We then ate our oatmeal and took down the camp. We then finalized our personal packing, had a camp sweep and prepared to leave. We would hike as two crews, Matt's crew taking the up, down ,up, down route, while Eric's crew went all the way down to the foot of the falls and then all the way up them. Both hikes were pretty tough, but in the end both crews made it safely to Sunset Camp. We ate lunch, which was pita bread with meat of different sorts, and then began to set up camp, set up tents, and go get water from the river to purify and drink. After all that, we started dinner - top ramen - and the non-cooks played hackie-sack. We then ate dinner, played some more cards, had a talk about past Philmont trips, did Thorns and Roses, and went to bed.

The next morning we woke up at about six, had more oatmeal (yummm), took down camp, had a camp sweep, and hit the road at about 7:30. The two crews took the hike they hadn't taken the first time, which was fine by both crews. After a long day, nearing the end of the hike, both crews hit the joint spot at the very same time, which was nice that no one had to wait for the other crew. We then hiked back into Sky Camp as a troop, ate what was left of our food, and hit the road to get home again. Overall, it was a very good and successful hike. - Mark B.

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Mt. Diablo, March 13-14, 2004

On Saturday, March 13, the troop met in the Montclair teacher's parking lot. At around noon, the troop met once more at the Diablo campsite and ate lunch. Luckily, the warm, sunny weather allowed for a spirited game of football (after lunch). Then the we went up to the top of Mt. Diablo to take in the view. You felt like you were on the top of the world, it was almost as if you could see everything! After an hour or so of this, we went back down to the campsite and started making dinner. Dinner took about two hours of hard work over the fire with dutch ovens and such, but it was worth it. We baked cornbread and cooked a mexican tortilla casserole that was said to be the best meal the troop has ever made. After cleanup the troop gathered around the campfire and talked and joked until thorns and roses. The next morning, a sleepy group packed up tents and made a fire, while the cooks boiled water for oatmeal and hot chocolate. After a camp sweep, the troop headed home. --JT--

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Snow Camp, February, 2004

On February 14, 2004, the troop made its annual visit to the Sierra snow near the Boreal Ski resort. After reorienting and regrouping up near the trailhead, the troop set off. After a few pauses in the cold air and an uphill trudge, we made our way to a campsite. We ate lunch after digging kitchens, a fire pit, and setting up our tents. Afterwards a group of adults and one scout (Scott MB) went off on a hike. The remaining scouts proceeded to make war-- a snowball fight. When we tired of this the troop split up. One group went scrubbing-- sledding, I mean. Another group of scouts dug snow-caves and played Avalanche (consisting of half-burying a volunteer). The third group dried off by the fire. Finally we all got together by the fire, including the hiking group, who had a wonderful time, or so I am told. After assigning chores for dinner, the troop talked while drying off. The more energetic of the troop dug themselves seats around the fire. Dinner was Ramen with chicken. After cleanup, the troop talked around the fire until the traditional Thorns and Roses. The next morning was brisk. An inch or so of snow had fallen, so we set about unfreezing our stuff, namely our packs. Most everyone was doing something, cooking breakfast, taking down tents, cleaning up trash. After breakfast we did a camp sweep and headed out. The troop, from what I could tell, seemed to have a good trip. --JT. S.

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USS Hornet, January, 2004

On January 24, 2004, the troop made a visit to the Hornet, with the bonus of the Radio merit badge. For a while, we messed around, namely we went on a full motion flight simulator. That was popular. Then, after a bit fuss and standing around, we got our things to our triple bunks--boy it was cramped, I don't envy the sailors that crewed the Hornet. After a class for the merit badge, the troop had dinner-- dinner never tasted so good before. When dinner was over, we broke up into groups and 'explored' the ship-- with the help of many maps, my group still managed to get lost. We came together on the top deck to have a talk, then headed down to our bunks. In the morning we had breakfast, a long talk with the crew on the top deck, and got out. The trip was a break from the usual, and also got us the Radio merit badge. --JT S.

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Hawk Ridge, December 2003

The Hawk Ridge trip began with driving to the campsite, instead of hiking in as the troop had done in the past. The campsite had a large gazebo that we slept and cooked in. We had expected it to be raining for most of the outing, but it was still dry after we set up the crew gear so we played a long game of football. After football, the troop started the process of cooking dinner. As we cooked, the rain started to come down. So everyone moved into the gazebo to stay dry. A handful of ideas for an inside game were brought up, charades and statement. After dinner, some of the younger scouts were taken on a night hike without flashlights. Though some questioned the directional ability of the leaders of the hike, it was a success. The next morning the troop had breakfast, packed up, and left in the cars. Even though there was rain to go around, the outing was still fun and enjoyable. - Eric B.

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Malakoff Diggins, November, 2003

The Malakoff Diggins trip was to a 19th century mining town and State Park. We saw snow on the drive up, and it was raining at the campsite. We slept in cabins with wood-burning stoves. Activities included chopping wood for the stove, touring the town's monuments, and learning about its history. That evening, the sky was clear enough to see stars before we went to sleep. The next morning we had a breakfast of French toast before we left for home. Overall, the troop had a fun time. - Eric B.

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Dillon Beach, October 2003

On October 11, 2003, the troop made a one-day outing to Dillon Beach. The Dillon sand dunes seemed disappointing at first upon arrival. They were dwarfed from previous years and were not as steep. As it seemed that the dunes were not going to be a good source of entertainment for very long, we tried to make the best of things. We found time to play the "broom game". The broom game is where you put a broom on your chin, spin around 20 times, throw the broom down, and see if you can jump over it. Later a spirited game of football was started after lunch, during which we had two Cal-style "big plays". The game went on until the end of the day. Though not as good as in years prior, it was still a successful outing. - Eric B.

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Russian River Canoeing, September 2003
On September 27, our troop took a one day canoeing trip down the Russian River. It was cold as we arrived at our camp, and the sky was overcast threatening to rain. But soon after getting into our canoes, the sky cleared and it looked like it would be a great day and it was! The water was a good temperature and depth. By the end of the day all the canoes had capsized so everyone got wet. The troop had a good time even if there were a couple of lost shoes. That night there was a delicious dinner of Shepherd's pie before retiring to our tents. The next morning we broke camp and headed home. - Eric B.