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Fort Ross/Salt Point SP - September 19 - 20, 2009

On an early Saturday morning, the boys and adults of Troop 202 left for the first outing of the 2009-10 year. They left the Montclair Teachers Parking Lot right on time. The cars then drove the long but beautiful four hour drive to Fort Ross. We ate lunch at Fort Ross and explored the area. Younger and older Scouts alike enjoyed seeing the old fort. It was a very interesting part of California history that everyone enjoyed.

Once we left the fort, we drove to our campground. It was a nice place, about a 2 mile walk to the beach may have been the only downside. Once we got to the beach though, the Scouts had a great time playing football, swimming, and exploring. That night we cooked by Patrols, which was hailed as a great success. There might be some adjustments next time but everyone was fed and that's what counts. After dinner, we all played a big game of Zorch.

We then left Sunday morning with no complication. In conclusion, the adult leadership and the older scouts decided that it was a very successful first outing. The patrol system worked perfectly for everyone. In the end, every scout went home happy.



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Pinnacles National Monument - October 9 - 11, 2009

The Pinnacles trip can be described in two words, "a blast." Arriving on Friday night, a meal of Chicken Noodle Soup was available for the scouts. After everyone arrived we were debriefed on tomorrow's plan, followed by a short leadership meeting.

In the morning, continuing our M.O. of a more patrol-oriented troop, each patrol fixed its own breakfast. After eating breakfast we loaded into cars and headed to the trails head for hiking. This year because of the weather we were able to explore not only the mid and lower sections of the caves, but also the most upper regions. Around mid-afternoon we stopped for lunch where we all enjoyed delicious sandwiches. After lunch we split into two groups: "low adventure" bound and the younger scouts. The younger scouts headed down a shorter and quicker route, while the older scouts continued along a hotter and more rugged trail. It took the older scouts an additional 45 minutes to complete their hike. Eventually, we reunited as one group and continued through another set of caves, ending back at the starting point. At the end of the hike, as a troop tradition, we all met at the general store for ice cream. After finishing our treats we returned to camp. At camp each patrol prepared its own meal: the Cobras had Mac N Cheese with hot dogs, while the Beavers ate Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. The adults and senior patrol enjoyed a fantastic meal of Rotisserie-Chicken Green Curry cooked by our senior patrol leader. After dinner we enjoyed free time. Later when the sun set we played Zorch, a classic troop game. After two rounds we returned to camp and performed Thorns and Roses, and went to bed.

In the morning we woke up, ate breakfast, packed up, and headed home. Overall this trip was another success.

- Spencer


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Point Pinole - November 14 - 15, 2009


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Lake Chabot Regional Park - Hawk Ridge - December 5 - 6, 2009

The Boy Scouts of Troop 202 woke up on an early Saturday morning and met at Montclair teacher's parking lot. Every boy was ready for some football as is the tradition at Hawk Ridge. We were joined by two Webelos from Pack 202 who are looking to join a Boy Scout troop. When every boy was accounted for we piled into the cars and drove off.

One of the benefits of Hawk Ridge is that we don't have to set up tents (except for a few adults); we get to sleep in a gazebo. When we arrived at Hawk Ridge we got our personal gear squared away, then we took a short one mile hike down to Lake Chabot. The hike down for some reason seemed shorter than the hike up which was strange. We ended up eating on a grassy lawn by the lake. After eating a hearty lunch we walked back up several hills to Hawk Ridge.

Then it was time for some football! We chose captains and they then chose the teams. The football play lasted several hours and what started out as a game of touch football eventually led to all out tackle, luckily no one was seriously hurt (joke!).

Once football was done, the cooks of each patrol broke off and started preparing meals while the rest of the troop enjoyed a small game of capture the flag. Every patrol successfully cooked their meals and I do believe everyone enjoyed it. Once it got dark the troop experienced a game of Zorch - but on flat ground which required a lot more intelligence from the scouts.

After the dinner some of the boys decided to go on a night hike to the top of the mountain to look at a view of the Bay Area while the others stayed back and enjoyed a nice fire. Once the night hikers returned it was time for Thorns and Roses and eventually bedtime.

The next day we woke bright and early to prepare breakfast and begin packing up camp. Just like dinner breakfast went by very smoothly and soon everyone was ready to go home. But before we all left the leadership had to announce the new senior patrol leader which was Adrian Will- Orrego. In summary the outing was a great success everyone had a good meal and lots of fun playing football and I think we all can't wait to go to Hawk Ridge next year.

- Diego


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Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel - January 23 - 24, 2010

Usually the Boy Scouts of Troop 202 make the trip to the youth hostel in Marin county, but this year we decided to go south to Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel. The boys met up in the Montclair Teacher's parking lot, then began the hour car ride. Since we couldn't enter the hostel until 3:30pm we decided to eat lunch at Moss Beach where we ate, did some beach combing and spotted harbor seals. There was one scary moment when a small cliff nearly fell on some Boy Scouts, luckily no one was hurt.

After seeing the harbor seals, we got back into our cars and drove down to Half Moon Bay Station Beach where some combed the beach and some of us played ultimate Frisbee. After ultimate Frisbee, we started a greco-roman wrestling tournament (no tackling, tripping, or holds below the waist) which was refereed by Mr. Prime. It was then time to return to the hostel where we unpacked all of our gear and got ready for dinner.

As the cooks prepared spaghetti and meatballs in the kitchen, everyone else played board or card games. After dinner, the boys read or played more card games and then it was time for bed. Everyone woke up early on Sunday to cook breakfast, clean up, and put away our gear. But before we could leave the hostel, Mr. Prime wanted us to go down to the beach talked about the weekend and did a good turn by picking up at least one piece of trash on the beach; we left the beach better than when we found it.

- Diego


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Snow Camping - Camp Wolfboro - February 27 - 28, 2010

The Boy Scouts of Troop 202 had to wake up early in order to go on this outing so they met at the Montclair teacher's parking lot at 6:00 in the morning. We then met up with the other troop that we were camping with. We all got into cars and began the long 4 hour drive to the camp site. We first stopped at a small town named Arnold just before our campsite to eat lunch and wait for more Scouts and adults. Then from Arnold we went to the trail head and unpacked our gear and everyone got their gear situated, put on their snow shoes and began hiking to the campsite. It wasn?<80><99>t a smooth hike to the campsite, it was snowing during the hike, many of the scouts had the wrong size snow shoes so this created problems, but the scouts persevered and made it to the campsite. At the campsite some boys began building snow caves and setting up tents. Once the tents and snow caves were set up it was getting dark so the Patrol Leaders had to take charge and get dinner going. At this time the leadership was going around to each Patrol making sure their food was good and checking in with Patrols to see if they needed help. Jonathon K. and Jacob L. did a good job as acting Patrol Leaders. After dinner, some boys had to go to bed because they were cold and the ones that were still standing went to the adult campsite for Thorns and Roses. I t was a good camp fire provided by the other troop that kept everyone warm.

The next day we woke up early and made breakfast, since the boys had worked so hard the day before the leadership decided to let the boys play in the snow for an extra hour. Both troops went sledding and joined together for a huge snow ball fight. When the fun was over, the scouts packed up their gear and got ready to hike back to the cars. The hike out of our campsite wasn't as hard as the hike going to the site. When we got the gear packed into every car, the drivers decided to drive to a burger place in Arnold . This was our last stop before going home. We all enjoyed dining on our burgers and milkshakes but finally it was time to go home.

-- Diego


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Urban Outing - March 27-28

It was a very new style of camping for Troop 202 this weekend. After an intense snow camping trip, a relaxing camp out in an empty office floor in San Francisco was just what the doctor ordered. The Troop 202 Boy Scouts met at Rockridge BART in Class B uniforms at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. Once in the City (Montgomery St.) we walked a few blocks from the BART station to the office build ing that is usually used for CPR training. Everyone dropped off their gear and got their urban hiking gear out. When everyone was ready the urban hike began.

We walked through San Francisco in two separate patrols. First we walked down to the ferry building and walked around the pier and then up the 300 steps to Coit Tower. Next was a down hill hike to Lombard Street, then up to the top of the windy road. From Lombard Street we hiked to Union Square. After Union Square it was a short walk to the office building in total it was a 5 mile urban hike.

The Patrol Leaders then took charge and got dinner ready for their Patrols as the leadership watched. After dinner kids then hung out and learned how to play poker from Mr. Barnes. But everyone was excited for the movie (Transformers) so Mr. Prime got it started. During the movie the leadership had a major discussion about this year's upcoming High Adventure. Once the movie was over the Troop came together for a Thorns and Roses.

Then the next day the troop woke up early so other people could use the office building. A quick breakfast and clean up allowed us to get on BART and return to Oakland by 8:30am. The outing to San Francisco was a huge success and everyone had a good time.

-- Diego


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Yosemite - April 9-11

The Yosemite outing this year was overall a breathtaking, magnificent, memorable trip. We left from the Monclair teacher's parking lot early Friday morning and proceeded to our Valley Floor campsite, which had a spectacular view of Half Dome and the various mountains and peaks surrounding it. After cooking dinner, we retired to our tents and got prepared for the hike we would go on the following day. We had a 7am wake up on Saturday morning. We cooked breakfast, prepared our day packs and lunches, and then caught the Yosemite bus to the Yosemite Falls trailhead. We arrived at the trailhead around 10:30am hiked for about an hour an a half before we reached the bottom of Yosemite Falls where we stopped to take pictures of the wonderful views of Half Dome, the falls, and to eat lunch. After a nice lunch and long enough break, we proceeded to follow our goal of reaching the top of Yosemite Falls. We started the second part of our hike around 12:45 and expected to arrive at the top of Yosemite falls around 3pm. The trail was rigorous and as we neared the top we encountered a major altitude change, about 3 feet of snow, and a slippery, steep trail. We be at our goal by about 20minutes and got everyone to the top of Yosemite Falls by 2:40pm. We set up a water filter at a nearby stream and refilled water bottles, and took about a 15minute break at the top of the falls mesmerized by the spectacular view. The trip down the mountain was faster for most of us, but was also very difficult for others. However we all made it down safely and overall had an amazing day, and a wonderful hiking experience. The next day we had an early wake up at around 6am, we then packed up camp and headed out by about 9am. The trip was memorable for everyone and definitely a troop favorite.

-- Zane


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Sunset Camp Big Basin - May 1-2


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