CAMP OLJATO, July 8-14, 2001
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The week starts with a 15 minute boat ride across Huntington Lake high in the Sierras north of Kings Canyon. An old WWII landing craft has served generations of scouts. Note the "bear" dog on the bow. He barks and keep the bears away from camp.
matt_woodworking.jpg (16281 bytes)
Many scouts worked on craft merit badges like woodworking and leather craft. Plus, the fooz ball table in the craft area was never idle.
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Early risers usually made it down to the lake for fishing and the longer swim events.  Julian finished his 1 mile swim before the rest of the Troop even got out of the sleeping bags.
Three_fisherman_on_the_dock.jpg (33963 bytes)
These three guys fished every morning before breakfast.
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Some skills took practice, some took studying.  Our camp site offered great locations for both.
Steven_uses_bowsaw.jpg (16361 bytes)
Many of the scouts worked on wood craft skills including the safe use of axe, bow saw, hatchet, and pocket knifes.
bubble_bee_song_part_1.jpg (38463 bytes)
We had to sing a song for the Camp Director to get spirit points. This song was all about eating bumblebees.
5_mile_hike_lake_view.jpg (20783 bytes)
The scouts getting a 5 mile hike "requirement" out of the way were honored with a wonderful view along the lake.
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We won the troop competitions at "Dirt" Hockey, chess, scout skills, camp scores and a score of other scout skill events.  Alan holds our 1st place rock award.
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