July 15 - July 30, 1999

Crew 7-16 F1 Trek Photos
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 Map reading on the way to Cathedral Rock


 Blacksmithing at Cyphers Mine


 Rest stop leaving Cyphers Mine


 Crew on Thunder Ridge


 Evening sunset on Mt. Phillips


 Black powder rifle at Clear Creek


 Shots that hit their mark....


 And those that didn't......


 Conservation project on trail to Trail Peak
(See 2001 Philmont H2 crew for return visit)


 Beaubien chuckwagon dinner cooks


 Painful yoga lesson waiting for chuckwagon dinner


 Lodge tour at Fish Camp


 Tying flies at Fish Camp


 Learning fly fishing techniques at Fish Camp


 Photographing burro racing at Abreu Camp


 Taking a break ascending Urraca Mesa


 Urraca Mesa Fly Cemetery


 Challenge games at Urraca Camp


 Ritz cracker challenge


 Over the wall challenge


 Waltzing back to base camp


 Finally made it!


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