July 20 - August 4, 2001

Crew 7-21 H1 Trek Photos
 On the Trail


 Thunder Ridge


 Crossing a Creek


 Dusk at Deer Lake


 Resting on a Tree


 Resting on the Trail


 Brushing Teeth at Deer Lake


 Tent at Deer Lake


 View of the Tooth on way to Ute Gulch


 On the way to Lambert's Mine


 Lambert's Mine


 Ready for the Weather


 Up to Mount Phillips


 Recovering from the Climb


 "Planting" the Flag at Mt. Phillips


 Crew Members with "Leprechaun"


 Adult Leadership on Mt. Phillips


 Scoutmaster Contemplating Scenery


 Washing Up


 Crew at Beaubien


 Playing Cards under the Dining Fly


 Adults on the Trail


 Crew on the Tooth of Time


 Scoutmaster on Tooth Ridge


 Looking Down from Tooth Ridge


 Arriving at the End of the Trek


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