July 16 - July 30, 2003

Crew 7-17 K1 Trek Photos
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 K1 crew at Lover's Leap


 Resting on the trail
 K1 crew on Urraca Mesa


 Challenge games at Urraca camp


 Human Totem


 More challenge games at Urraca


 Over the wall


 Sunrise at Inspiration Point


 Resting after leaving Urraca


 Spar pole climbing at Crater Lake camp


 Kissing Carrie Beaner at Crater Lake


 Rodent cemetery at Fish Camp


 Crew at Fish Camp Lodge


 Tying fish flies at Fish Camp


 Conservation project at Beaubien


 Sorting rocks at Beaubien


 Playing Cards


 Branding boots at Beaubien


 Red Roof Inn


 Crew at Beaubien


 Saying goodbye to kitten at Beaubien


 Brushing teeth at Crooked Creek


 Black powder rifle at Clear Creek


 Target practice results


 Three hatchets sticking at Clear Creek


 Near the summit at Mt. Phillips


 Mt. Phillips summit


 Crew at Black Mountain


 Crew on the Tooth of Time


 Descending from the Tooth


 Almost Done


 We made it!


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