July 16 - July 30, 2003

Crew 7-17 K2 Trek Photos
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 Making a daisy chain


 Shotgun shooting at Harlan camp


 Greeting the rain at Deer Lake


 Crew K2 at Deer Lake


 Stone thrones at Ute Gulch


 Hiking over previous conservation project near Cimarroncito
(See 2001 Philmont crew H2 trek)


 At the entrance of Cypher's mine


 Taking a break near Thunder Ridge


 Cooking dinner in the hail at Mt. Phillips


 Hackeysack game on Mt. Phillips


 Planting the flag at Mt. Phillips


 Sunset on Mt. Phillips


 Morning at Mt. Phillips


 Nalgene pillow at Clear Creek


 Beaver trapping at Clear Creek


 Black powder rifle at Clear Creek


 Sixteenth birthday celebration at Phillips Junction


 Sixteenth birthday at Beaubien campfire


 Conservation project


 Branding at Beaubien


 Birthday cookies and candle


 Leadership cleanup


 Exercising mental skills


 Airplane crash site near Trail Peak


 Trail Peak summit


 Chicken wrangling at Abreu


 Drinking root beer at Abreu


 Lunch break at Crater Lake


 Rock climbing at Miners Park


 Miners Park hospitality


 Crew on Schafers Peak


 Crew on the Tooth of Time


 Arriving back in base camp


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