July 19 - August 2, 2005

Photos of Crew #1 Canoe Trip Down the Green River
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 Crew at Crystal Geyser


 Cooling off in River


 First Campsite at McCarty Bottom


 Viewing Cliffs


 Campsite at "Mosquito" Beach


 Reading by Desert Light


 Dishes after Cleanup


 River Near Anvil Bottom


 Vista Near Tenmile Bottom


 Blueberry Cobbler for 18th Birthday


 Hiking up to Saddle at Bowknot Bend


 Crew on top of Saddle


 Crew at Sunset




 YMCA Imitation Under the Rainbow


 Portaging Toilet Seat Over the Saddle


 Sinking in Green River Mud


 Taking a Nap


 Pitching Tent Below Horseshoe Canyon


 Canoeing Down River


 Having Fun Below Horseshoe Canyon


 Fetching Water


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