July 19 - August 2, 2005

Photos of Colorado River and Arches Park
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 Adults with 8-day Beards


 Scouts on J-Boat


 Petrified Log


 Taking a Nap


 Floating on the Colorado


Slim Pickens Impersonators


 Hitting the Rapids


 Afternoon Football Game


 More Rapids


 Troop on Side Hike


 On Plane Flying Back to Moab


 On Another Plane


 Colorado River From Plane


 Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers


 The Loop From Plane


 Park Blvd at Arches National Park


 Troop at Arches


 The Three Gossips (Both Foreground and Background)


 Double Arches


 Rock Formation


 Scouts at Landscape Arch


 Landscape Arch


 Delicate Arch From a Distance


 Troop at the Green River


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