July 12 - July 25, 2003

Crew 7-13 F1 Trek Photos
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 Starting out with view of the Tooth of Time


 Lover's Leap


 On the porch at Urraca camp


 Whole crew on a square game at Urraca


 Hula hoop challenge


 Square rope game


 Tire game


 Tire game again


 Getting the crew over the wall


 Wall challenge


 Sunrise at Inspiration Point


 Watching the sunrise


 Sun comes up


 Crew F1 on Urraca Mesa


 On the trail to Fish camp


 We surrender!


 Tying fish flies at Fish camp


 Crew at Beaubien


 Hanging out on porch at Beaubien


 Leaving Beaubien


 Meeting the other crew at Phillips Junction


 Relaxing at Crooked Creek


 Milking cows


 On the trail to Mt. Phillips


 Hanging out on Mt. Phillips


 Raising the flag


 Crew at the summit of Mt. Phillips


 Black powder rifle at Black Mountain


 Getting ready to shoot


 Crew F1 on the Tooth of Time


 Descending into base camp


 We made it!


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