July 22 - August 5, 2007

FLorence Canyon/Seven Brothers Crew
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 Horse ride up to Seven Brothers turnoff

 End of ride

 Visitor in camp

 Double Rainbow on Solitude Trail

 Crossing North Clear Creek

 On way up to Medicine Cabin Park

 Taking a break

 Taking care of business

 Helping with packs

 Near Florence Canyon

 Medicine Cabin Park

 Trail to Seven Brothers

 Swimming at Seven Brothers

 Drying off

 What happened to the hot water!

 Crew at Soldier Park

 Break at Soldier Park

 Century old gravesites

 Lunch on way to Hunter Trailhead

 Cloud Peak Wilderness boundary

 Naptime at Hunter Trailhead

 Back at South Fork

 Project at South Fork

 Visiting Fort Kearny

 We surrender!

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