November 8, 2003
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On Saturday November 11, 2003, more than 30 scouts and adults from Troop 202 built 10 water bars to help drain the trail in Joaquin Miller Park. This project benefited the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department by helping to prevent erosion on the trail. The project involved digging trenches for the railroad ties, setting the ties, filling in with dirt, and packing the dirt. It was a difficult project as all the ties and dirt had to be carried a long ways up a steep hill to get where they needed to go. In addition, we also placed brush to cover four shortcuts that careless hikers had made, preventing further erosion of the hillside. The large attendance at the project by scouts and adults was greatly appreciated and contributed to the success of the project.

Putting up dining fly to keep things dry


Transporting railroad ties up the trail


Eagle candidate directing the project


Former Eagle scout returns to help out


Another former Eagle supervising the Scoutmaster


Setting railroad tie in the trail


Filling buckets with dirt to carry up the trail


Transporting dirt up the trail


More scouts help to bring up dirt


Pouring dirt over the ties


Hard at work carrying dirt


Four Philmont 7-17 K2 advisors helping out


Waiting for pizza to arrive


Finding a chair for pizza


Pizza arrives!


Blocking trail shortcuts with brush after pizza


Bringing up brush to block shortcuts


The work crew after completing project


Eagle candidates and former Eagles with Scoutmaster


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