March 27 and April 3 & 10, 2003
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On three continuous Saturdays, the troop painted, assembled, and installed three benches for Montera Middle School. The first Saturday, the troop sanded, primed, and painted the two-by-fours. The second Saturday, the troop cut and assembled the benches to the same specifications as the old benches. During the third and final weekend, the troop removed the old benches, cut the crossbraces to size for attaching to the new benches, and screwed in the new benches to the supports. They also installed one additional support. All in all the troop felt a great sense of accomplishment as the students of Montera Middle School will have brand new benches on which to sit.

Week #1 - Laying out two-by-fours for painting


Week #2 - Positioning two-by-fours for assembly


Unloading two-by-fours from truck


Going over plans


Measuring board for cutting


Painting blocks


Assembling bench


More assembly


Loading completed bench on truck


Week #3 - Organizing work crews


Taking apart old benches


Drilling hole in concrete for support


Trowelling concrete around support


Attaching support blocks to benches




Screwing benches to supports


Three benches nearing completion


Completing painting


Project taking shape


Finishing touches


Eagle candidate and completed project


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