June 21 and 28, 2005
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Bicycling is forbidden on the Palos Colorados Trail for safety reasons because it is steep and narrow. On June 18th, 25th, and 26th, Troop 202 helped implement this rule by building signs and fences at each end of the trail. Scouts spent the first day painting two signs with rollers, brushes, and stencils. The next two days of work included assembling and installing the wooden fences. In the end, two fences and a sign clearly stating the prohibition of bicycles on the path were constructed at each end of the Palos Colorados Trail. About 20 scouts combined for nearly 200 man-hours on the project.
Getting Tools Ready for Project


Clearing Brush for Bottom Fences


Transporting log to Top Site


Bringing in Cement


Transporting Another Log


Fitting Post in Hole


Leveling Fence Post


Checking Level while Pouring Cement


Removing Bark from Fence Posts


Finishing up Bottom Fences


Completed Bottom Fences


Completed Top Fences


Top Fence Crew


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