May 21 and 28, 2005
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On Saturdays May 21 and May 28, 2005, around 30 scouts and adults from Troop 202 built two memorial benches to encircle two Mulberry trees at Thornhill School in Oakland. The first Saturday involved staining the redwood and painting the eight steel supports for the benches. On the second Saturday, the benches were installed at Thornhill School. First, the benches were centered and the eight support holes were marked, after which the holes were dug two feet. After a lunch break with pizza, the benches were put in place and the concrete was mixed and poured to anchor the benches in place. The successful completion of the project was greatly appreciated by Thornhill School as it gave the students an outdoors place to rest during recess.

Sanding supports prior to painting


Staining redwood boards


Drilling holes to attach the supports


Bench after assembly


Laying out bench to mark holes for supports


That looks about right!


Starting support holes


Breaking up asphalt


Digging out support holes


Removing dirt and asphalt


Mixing concrete


Mixing concrete for the other bench


Shoveling concrete in support holes


Topping off hole with concrete


Leaving handprint for posterity


One of two completed benches


Some of the crew who worked on the project


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