February 11, 2006
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On February 11, 2006, around 35 scouts and adults from Troop 202 built two fences to prevent cyclists from trampling native habitat. One was built on an upper hill and the other on the lower side. The project involved laying out the fence posts, digging them to a depth of two feet, laying them out with two rails each, and filling in the post bases with sand.

Assembling Scouts for the project


Explaining the tasks to be done


Digging post holes


Removing a large rock out of the way


Digging another post hole


More digging


Fulfilling Tenderfoot requirement


Pizza Arrives!


Eating pizza


Gathering after lunch to resume work


More post hole digging


Checking the straightness of the fence


Installing post hole with sand


Getting sand ready for post holes


Eagle candidate and fence


Completed lower fence


Completed upper fence


Work crew at the upper fence


Work crew at the lower fence


Eagle candidate and mother after completion of project


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