May 26-27, 2006
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The scouts of troop 202 repaired a winter-storm damaged bridge and adjacent stream bed across Palo Seco Creek in Joaquin Miller Park.  The project was planned over the course of several months by eagle scout candidate Alex Amy and the work done by about 25 scouts and adult leaders under his leadership on May 26th and 27th, 2006.  The stone bridge had been undercut by erosion over the years, and the surface of the bridge had developed a large hole.  Large rocks, gravel and concrete were used to restore the original structure and repair the eroded areas.  The bridge was originally built during the 1930's, and with any luck it should last another 70 years!
The bridge


Widening holes


Loading dirt


Bringing dirt to bridge


Filling hole with mortar


Getting hole ready to receive fill


Preparing holes at side of bridge


Filling holes with dirt


Shovelling in fill material


Prying a rock


Moving rocks


Signing the work


Work crew on bridge


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