November 5, 2006
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At 10:30 in the morning of November 5th 2006, a group of young men and adults were unpacking their cars on the edge of a cul-de-sac off Estates Drive in Oakland. They were the volunteers of Troop 202, preparing for Stephen Bennett's Eagle Project. They had all volunteered the day before and one of the weeknights the previous week to train in first aid by a San Francisco paramedic. The scouts were about to undertake the education of forty-three CORE (Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) members in methods of applying first aid in a disaster setting. The trainees arrived at noon for instruction at five different stations manned by scouts. The training stations included shock and burns, broken bones, spinal injuries, lacerations, and carries. At each station two or three older scouts taught with two or three younger scouts acting as aids and victims. Each station was supervised by an adult. The day progressed without a hitch and the trainees had learned a lot after completing the five stations. Thanks to the effort of the scouts and their leaders, there are forty-three adults who know how to react in emergency situations.
Assembling Scouts for training


Demonstrating the two man carry


Two man carry


Demonstrating a blanket stretcher


Showing a magazine splint


Moving wounded to door for carrying


Leg splints


Learning how to do a leg splint


Treating an arm wound


Treating multiple injuries


Moving a spinal victim onto a door stretcher


Making realistic burns


Moving shock victim on door stretcher


Moving injured on door stretcher


Door stretcher


Moving victim with blanket carry


Demonstrating splints


Scouts and participants


Scouts and trainees


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