June 16, 2007
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The troop met at 9:00 in the morning of June 16 and began with a tour of the Cohen-Bray House. We then proceeded to the back yard where one group removed the old shrubbery, prepared the soil, and laid out the brick borders. Another group began digging the trenches for the irrigation pipes. Afterwards the irrigation system was installed and the soil was covered in mulch. Below are some pictures from the project.
Circling up before project


Cohen-Bray House


House tour


Explaining the tasks


Removing weeds


Digging row for brick border


Delivering bricks


Loading bricks


Laying out borders


Loading more bricks


Underground water pipe


Setting up drip control


Drip control


Break for lunch


Laying out drip lines


More drip lines


Mulch pile


Filling wheelbarrow with mulch


Spreading mulch


Completed project


Work crew


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