April 26, 2008
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On April 26 Troop 202 scouts and adults rerouted a portion of the Palos Colorados Trail in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. The project involved blazing a new less steep trail with a width of about 4.5 feet. The old trail was blocked off with two fences, one on each end, and was covered with brush. Finally a small depression was filled with gravel and dirt.
Circling up before project


Looking at what needs to be done


Safety lesson


Bringing materials to the site


Trail blazing


Tamping down trail surface


Blocking off trail


More trail blazing


Digging post holes


Hauling in gravel fill


Notching posts for beam


Filling post holes


Bringing fill gravel


Notching second post


Break time


Discussing the next steps


Pizza arrives!


Adults take a break


Attaching crossbeam


Drilling bolt holes


Bolting crossbeam


Fitting crossbeam


Bringing brush to block off old trail


More brush


New posts


Work crew at completion


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