May 31, 2008
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On May 31st, 2008 scouts and adults of Troop 202 assisted Robert Amy in his Eagle project to refurbish a 60-foot section of the Cinderella trail in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. The project involved digging, widening, and levelling the trail. Materials were brought down the trail in wheelbarrows and by hand. Afterwards the flat rocks were laid as the base and then filled in with sand and dirt. In addition, several water bars were put in to prevent erosion.
Circling up to explain project


Widening trail


More widening


Chiselling rocks to size


More chiselling


Hauling rocks to site


Preparing trail for rocks


Removing excess dirt


Laying rock


Rolling a big rock


Placing rock on trail


Bringing more rocks by hand


Showing how rocks are to be placed


Laying another big rock


Filling between rocks


Work crew


Taking a well-deserved victory lap!


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