June 14, 2008
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On June 14, 2008 scouts and adults of Troop 202 assisted Isaiah Smith in his Eagle project to paint four rooms for residents at the Russell Street Residence of the Berkeley Food and Housing Project. A few older scouts met the day before to clean the rooms and prepare for painting. The next day the scouts covered the floors and windows and painted the corners. Later the large surfaces were rolled and the trim was painted. Finally the rooms were cleaned and vacuumed and made ready for the residents to return.
Laying rosin paper on the floors


Laying paper in another room


Painting edges


Demonstration on how to use the rollers


Doing trim work


Watching another demonstration


Using the "weenie" rollers on corners


Rolling the ceiling


More ceiling work


Eagle candicate circling up the crew


Putting on "war" paint


Trim work


Excellent lunch provided by the residence staff


Assembling the shelf


A completed room


Final circle after completion of project


Completed shelving


Eagle candidate and painting crew


Taking a well deserved lap


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