October 25, 2008
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Troop 202 met at 8 A.M. on Saturday, October 25 to work on Mark Bennett's Eagle Service Project. The project site was Oakland Elizabeth House, a non-profit residence for at-risk women and children. For over 9 hours, members and adults of the troop worked to demolish and rebuild the perimeter wall of the play area in the backyard. In addition, new woodchips were added to the play area, tree branches and roots were cut, and a side stairway was repaired in order to make the backyard a safer place for the children to play. Scouts worked in crews throughout the day, with each crew led by a senior scout. The work was hard and tiring, but with the benefit of many hardworking and dedicated scouts, the project was completed in one day. The women, children, and director of Elizabeth House thanked us at the end of the day, and we were able to see first hand how much they appreciated the project.
Circling up before project


Roll chips back to get access to boards


Pulling chips back


Digging post holes


Levelling post


Cementing in post


Removing supports


Levelling another post


Push more chips back


Cementing in another post


Bringing perimeter board for cutting


Mixing cement


Measuring distance between posts


Post row


Mixing more cement


Rmoving old boards


Blowing chips away to get at the roots


Removing tree roots


Local "visitor"


Eagle candidate with older scouts


Eagle candidate with Elizabeth House director


Cleaning up


Snack time


Filling wheelbarrow with new wood chips


Taking a break


Work crew


Completed project!


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